Reggie Rolle Award

The Big Bend MED (Minority Enterprise Development) Week Committee’s Economic Development Champion of The Year “Reggie Rolle Award” was created to honor the memory and hard work of our first Chairman, the late Rev. Dr. Reginald L. Rolle. “Reggie” as all his friends and those who loved him affectionately knew him, served as Chairman of the organization from its creation in 1993 until his passing in 1999.

When Reggie took over the reins of this organization he knew that he had walked into a rare gem of an opportunity, one in which the success and accomplishments of Minority Businesses needed to be told and one in which local government and organizations could provide the perfect vehicle to get that word out. He polished that gem until it gleamed and as a result of, and testimony to his extraordinary leadership and vision, the “Economic Development Champion of The Year” award was established.

The purpose of this award is to serve as a beacon of light, which will shine annually on the economic development accomplishments of Small and Minority Businesses in the Big Bend Area. The creation of this award in his honor will serve to keep the rest of us focused and on course as we continue to navigate the unpredictable waters of inclusion and economic parity for small and minority businesses.